Byblos Sud owners through the Owner's Association take direct responsibility for the village's budget, appointing property managers, staffing and third party contractors. The Owners Association shall, at all times, be vested in the property's control and shall be vested in usual budgetary approvals from the day they purchase their units During the first five years the Developers plans to remain on board to help manage the Owners Association and to establish and maintain the rules and standards of the village.

Owners and Developers
TPD Touristic & Property Development CO.S.A.L

Design and Concept Architects
Pierre El Khoury Architects

Project Manager and Owner Representative
Manasseh Ingénieurs S.A.R.L

Quality Control
Socotec Liban (EG)

Supervision Architect
Karl Zouein

Atelier Renée Khazen

Electro Mechanical Design
Pierre Damous & Partners

Structural Design
Bureau D'études et de Consultations Techniques

Quantity Surveyors
D.G Jones & Partners S.A.R.L

Civil Works
Société Mouawad-Eddé S.A.R.L

Credit Libanais Investment Bank S.A.L


UCA United Commercial Assurance S.A.L

Legal Advisors
Hyam G. Mallat Law Firm

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Built 6000 years ago, the City of Byblos stood out as the hub of ancient civilizations.