The project specifications encompass the latest deluxe and noble materials and finishes, selected for both functional and aesthetic appeal. In keeping with the area's architectural character, "Ramleh" natural stone, in ochre, characterizes the external walls, and light red brick tiling has been selected for the roofs. All external joineries are in African tech IROKO wood, including the main entrance door, doors, windows, pergolas, balustrades, Venetian blinds, and Moucharabiahs (separator screens). Honed local natural stone marks the Liwan, halls and stairs.

Heating and air-conditioning systems are inbuilt and well-conceived for maximum autonomy and practicality. For every residence, individual heating is provided via a boiler.

Kitchens, spacious and modern, enjoy natural solid wood for lower and upper cabinets and granite countertops. As for bathrooms, they feature top-notch installations, sanitary fixtures, and shower systems.