Pierre El Khoury, one of the Lebanon’s most prolific and respected architects, departed leaving behind astounding and remarkable architectural achievements one could be proud of. He was the one who imagined and developed Byblos Sud Village concept, a project dear to his heart, by injecting his unparalleled talent and know how into who is going to be a unique and incomparable destination in the Middle-East, a new lifestyle.

Recognized to be the master in blending harmoniously the traditional and the modern architectural styles, Byblos Sud Village was for him a godsend golden opportunity to exert his wonderful expertise.

Pierre El Khoury graduated from the “ Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris “ and conceived hundreds of projects in Lebanon and abroad. To cote a few :

• The breathtaking Basilica of Harissa
• The An-Nahar building
• Banks ( Blom Bank head office- Verdun )
• Beirut museum
• Residential compounds ( Bel Horizon Village – Adma )
• Hotels ( Intercontinental – Muscat )

All added to a great number of schools, universities.

Pierre El Khoury was also an urban planner, designing new towns and participating in the renewal of a number of Beirut neighborhoods.

We, at, TPD, made a pledge to see Byblos Sud Village come to life in the style and vision of Pierre El Khoury , and we did. We did it for him, for us and for the people of Lebanon. It is our pride and our joy.

Thank you Pierre……..Farewell old friend.